Our Service Department

We have an experienced bike mechanic in the shop at all times.  We want to make sure your bike stays in the same top performing condition you remember buying it in, and we are so confident your bike has this potential, we back our work with a guarantee.

Customer Loyalty Benefit Program

We believe, when you purchase a new bicycle or upgrade your current one, you make an investment with us. We appreciate your business and express that by making a commitment to you in the cost of our service labor.

  • When you purchase a bike from us we offer the first tune-up after purchase free of charge.
  • Labor discounts are offered on most installs of upgrade components purchased from us. This can save you up to 50% on a single labor charge.

Custom Wheel & Bicycle Building

Flanders Bicycle can build any custom wheel or bicycle you can imagine! Our staff will take the time to understand specific needs based on your budget and riding style to hand select the perfect components for you. Custom builds are often a better choice than straight from the factory builds because we can individually select components to match your riding needs.  In addition to the build design, we can customize parts in ways pre-built bikes and wheels may not be available.

Please call or stop in concerning prices for Tune-Ups and other services.